Electrical & Battery

Electrical & Battery

Don’t ever get stranded again! Make sure your car starts up everytime.

Your car battery is one of the most important components for your vehicle to run. A car battery supplies large amounts of electrical current for the starter, engine and other electronic accessories in the vehicle. The auto battery also recharges and stores energy from the car’s alternator. Get your car battery service done at The Mechanic OC and we will make sure you have a healthy car battery.

If the engine is the heart of your vehicle, the car battery is its blood. And just like a heart can’t pump without blood, an engine can’t run without the juice that a car battery pumps into it. Together with the engine and the alternator, the car battery is one of the vital components of a car’s health. Car battery check-ups are a must-do for your vehicle. The car’s health depends on them, and at The Mechanic OC, we are able to perform a thorough valuation of an automotive battery and electrical system.

Regular checkups for your car or truck will ensure it to be around for the long haul. A strong and healthy auto battery is what every car owner wants.

How long can you expect your battery to last?

You can expect your car battery to say strong for three to five years. Extreme weather and certain driving habits (such as frequent short trips) can adversely affect the life of a car battery. Curious about how your car battery is doing? Stop by The Mechanic OC location to get a free, quick battery check to find out how much life you can expect from your battery. When it’s time for a new battery, trust us to properly take care of it for you.